Opening a capsule from command line

To open a Capsule from a command line, run


with the following optional switches



The switches can be given in any order.


The parameters are case sensitive

Specify the host to connect to, use one of the two following options

/host "server_ip_addr:port"

Specify a host and port number which are not defined in the list of connections of your Board Client. In this case you specify the logon account either using the switch /sso which uses single sign-on (therefore it will use the Windows current user account) or using the switches /user and /password described hereafter.

Specify the user credentials, use one of the following two options


Uses Windows current user to log-on the Board server


/username "myname" /password "mypassword"

Allows to type a given username and password

Use of SSL

/ssl "true" | "false"

Uses an SSL encrypted connection. Note that the server must accordingly be configured to use SSL (if "on") or not using SSL (when "off"). Default is "off".



The server must accordingly be configured to use SSL (if "true") or not using SSL (when "false"). Default is "false".

Use Windows encryption

/winEncryption "on" | "off"

Uses a Windows encrypted communication. Note that the server must accordingly be configured. Default is "on".



This parameter optional, only necessary when using /host , not when using /hostname


Specify the capsule to open

/capsule "Folder\MyCapsule.cpsx"

To open a capsule located on the server, where Folder is the path starting from Board\Capsules.


Specify a screen to open, other than the default home screen

/screen "MyScreen"

Force the Board Client program to close immediately after triggering a procedure




This parameter can be used only in conjunction with the  /capsule parameter.

Specify the Board Client window size in pixels

/width valueX

/height valueY

Opening multiple Board Client programs


this parameter allows to run simultaneously several instances of the BoardClient program.

Examples of commands

BoardWinClient.exe /host "Boardserver" /capsule "UpdateProcedure.cpsx" /unattended


BoardWinClient.exe /host "Boardserver" /capsule "Folder\Budgeting.cpsx"


Note that using a command line you can create an icon on a user’s desktop that opens Board Client, then automatically connects to the server and opens the specified Capsule. This is a common approach for deploying Board applications to non-experienced users.

Note that it is possible to open a Capsule by double clicking on the capsule file from Windows Explorer since the installation program associates the Board Client program to the file extension CPSX.



Starting from Board 8 BoardProcedureLauncher is recommended to schedule procedures, please refer to knowledgebase for further information